Color Chart

Color Options

Welcome to the Happy Ballerina Color Chart! All tutus and tutu dresses can be made in 1, 2 & 3 color combinations. If choosing more than one color, please specify if you would like the colors mixed (one of each color knotted together to make one loop – gives a softer look) or blocked (each color gets looped together individually – giving blocks of each chosen color with a more prominent look). Our colors list includes all available colors in premium, shimmer and glitter tulle, as well as some fun custom tulle styles as well. Please note that there is an additional charge of $2 for shimmer tulle and $4 for glitter tulle and $6 for custom tulle per tutu/tutu dress.


We use soft, 100% nylon tulle. No scratchy tulle here! Whether premium or shimmer tulle is used, it is soft and won’t scratch little waists and legs. Our tulle is also lead free! (Scary that we even need to point that out, we know!) Please note, if you choose to have a glitter tulle added to your custom creation it may be a little rougher and the glitter does shed slightly with movement because of the added glue and glitter on the nylon material. This is normal, but please be aware when choosing this option that it will make the tutu/tutu dress slightly more rigid and glitter will shed slightly.