About Us

So how did I come to start a custom tutu business?

Well…at one point in my life I was a work-from-home mother to 3 beautiful little girls, Sophia, Isla and Natalie. That’s right, I have 3 girls…of course I make tutus! Initially I made a few for my youngest daughter’s newborn photos. After that I started making tutus for my oldest daughter, Sophia, for dance classes after seeing the underwhelming tutu selection at our local dance wear vendor. As I continued to make tutus for our family photo shoots and Sophie’s dance classes I noticed that they started to get quite a bit of attention from friends, family and dance mom’s alike…which of course turned into requests and orders. Urged by friends and family to do something with this new found success, I decided that a website was the way to go and that’s how Happy Ballerina was born.

Becki Maurer
Owner, Happy Ballerina